Dr Fuel – Doctor Fuel

Dr Fuel is one of the UK ‘s many fuel drainage companies. The term fuel drainage refers to the process of emptying a cars fuel tank of the wrong type of fuel. This could mean petrol in diesel tank or diesel in a petrol tank, Dr Fuel provide this kind of fuel drainage to motorists in the UK.

Another company that provides fuel drainage in the UK aside from Dr Fuel is Fuel Busters. Fuels Busters are recognized as one of the UK’s leading fuel drainage organizations and have saved thousands of motorists whom have inadvertently put the wrong fuel in their car. Fuel Busters have fuel technicians situated throughout the south east of England meaning can be with you in not time at all.

Safety Pass Alliance

It is important to note that Fuel Busters are Safety Pass Alliance credit and assured. The Safety Pass Alliance is a nationally recognised standard of health and safety training that ensures Fuel Busters treat all Fuel Drainage situations with the utmost of care and with the safety of their clients in the forefront of their minds.  A petrol forecourt can be a potentially hazardous and dangerous place, if you add to this the necessity to drain a cars fuel then it is imperative that caution is exercised at all times.  Fuel Busters are Safety Pass Alliance accredited meaning that their customer can be sure of precaution and the highest safety standards at all time.

Fuel Busters

Fuel Busters are based in the south east of England and provide fuel drainage services to motorists who have put the wrong fuel in their car to Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Greater London and Oxfordshire. If you mix it, Fuel Busters will fix it.